St. Matthews Grand Chapter History .


   ORIGIN and HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF  ST. MATTHEW’S GRAND CHAPTER,O.E.S./P.H.A.  JURISDICTION OF DELAWARE A group of ladies, who were the wives, mothers, sisters, widows and daughters of Master Mason, as they prepared meals to be served at the Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge Annual Session, became inspired by watching the brothers and wondered how they could become a part of the Adoptive Rite. With this thought in mind, Ms Rhetta A.B.Taylor called these ladies together, and asked to meet with the Grand Master of The Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge, Bro John L. Hubert on January 5, 1921. This meeting was held at the Masonic Temple 12th and orange street, Wilmington, DE. The purpose was to get permission to be organized. The Grand Master Bro. Hubert informed them that the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania was the parent body of Delaware Grand Lodge. Grand Master Hubert contacted Grand Master Samuel Van Brackle of Pennsylvania about the request. He directed him to contact the Grand Worthy Patron, Bro Phillip Edwards and Grand Worthy Matron, Sis Prudence Penn, of Deborah Grand Chapter O.E.S./P.H.A. of the state of Pennsylvania. The request was granted and a U.D. Chapter was formed, which became Adah Chapter No. 1 U.D. Sis. Rhetta Taylor had the honor of naming this Chapter. Since Delaware was the first State and this was the first U.D. Chapter, she selected the name of the first star point. LOOK and SEE that these three, FIRST STATE, FIRST CHAPTER and FIRST STAR POINT denoted the perfectly made triangle.

   As this Chapter began to work and grow, one month later Martha Chapter No 2 U.D. was formed in New Castle, DE. With in that year Burton Chapter No 3 U.D. in Lewis, DE and Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 4 U.D. in Laurel, DE were formed. The Worthy Matron Eliza Colbert and members of Adah, Martha, Burton and Queen of Sheba Chapters invited the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania to come  down to Delaware to start their own Grand Chapter. At the Odd Fellows Temple, 10th and Orange St. Wilmington, DE. And their wishes were complied with. 

On March 15, 1922 Adah, Martha, Burton and Queen of Sheba Chapter were initiated, becoming the first Order of The Eastern Star Chapter in the State of Delaware. After all seven degrees were given. A nomination committee was appointed to submit names to be voted on for the Grand Officers. After voting and naming the Officers, another committee was appointed to select a name for this Grand Chapter. The name selected was ST MATTHEW’S. The Grand Worthy Matron, Grand Worthy Patron, Worthy Matron’s and Worthy Patron’s were then given the Administrative Degree and Installed. St. Matthew’s Grand Chapter was Constituted and Inaugurated as St. Matthew’s Grand Chapter, Order of The Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation, State and Jurisdiction of Delaware. 

  The Warrant was then presented by Grand Worthy Patron Bro. Phillip Edwards of Deborah Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania and the Grand Chapter was dedicated. The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Bro John L Hubert was given the honor of being the first Past Grand Patron (Honorary) of ST. MATTHEW’S GRAND CHAPTER. This honor was conferred by G.W.P. Bro. Edwards of Deborah Grand Chapter. The Grand Chapter held a special Grand Session on June 12, 1922 in Lewes, DE. The session was opened by Burton Chapter No .3. As a new Chapter, was made and given their warrants, ST Matthew’s Grand Chapter began to enlarge its membership. The Youth Felicitaires were added in 1966, to ST Matthew’s Grand Chapter. The Youth Felicitaires name was change to the Sophie R. Russell Youth Felicitiaires in 2012, after the former State Advisor PM Sis Sophie R. Russell.  

St. Matthews Grand History

  •  This Grand Chapter have had 46 Grand Worthy Matrons – 38 Grand Worthy Parton – 33 Honorary Past Grand Matron – 12 Honorary Past Grand Worthy Patron. 
  •  We have had one P.G.W.P. to serve at the international Grand Conference as the Grand Patron, Bro G. O. Carrington. 
  • One Honorary Grand Worthy Matron of the international Grand Conference, PGWM Sis Hattie S. BlackwellQuince. T
  • Two GWM ’S to serve as Chairperson’s of the Grand Conference of Grand Chapters, PGWM Sis G. Ophelia B. Mosley 1986-1987 and PGWM Sis Sadie R.L. Green 1987-1989. 
  • Past Grand’s who served as steering committee members, PGWM. Sis Elizabeth Pennington, PGWP Bro Leon Battle and PGWP Bro Ernest Crump.
  •  Four members, to serve as Regional Chairperson and Co- Chairperson, PGWM. Sis Naomi Young and PGWM Sis Geraldine Battle, PGWP Bro Leon Battle and PGWP Bro Nathaniel E. Williams. Sis Doris Minus Palmer. 
  • Six- PGWP’S who served as Most Worshipful Grand Masters, PGWP Bro G.O.Carrington, PGWP Bro C. Porterfield Harris, PGWP Bro Herbert C. Harris, PGWP Bro James Fitzgerald Jr, PGWP Nathaniel E. Williams, PGWP Bro Fredrick Duffy. Honorary PGWP. Bro John L Hubert, Honorary PGWP. Bro Marvin I Gray, Honorary PGWP. Bro Courtney P. Houston, Honorary PGWP. Bro Solomon Henry.
  •  These PGWP’S were given honorary PMWGM’S honors, Bro. W.W. Stevenson, Bro Julius P. Reynolds, Bro Fred Way, Bro George Pennington Jr., Bro George Holland Sr. Bro Charles Griffin, Bro David C. Roland, Bro Leon Battle, Bro James Williams, Bro Samuel Harbison, Bro Robert Henderson, Bro John C. Dumas, Bro Leonard R. Turner and Bro Kenneth Robertson and (Honoraria’s) Bro George Wright, Bro John Harrriston and Bro Alexis Bayard. 
  • The Grand Chapter of Virginia bestowed Honorary Membership to P.G.W.M. Sis Sodonia A. Parker, P.G.W.M. Sis Nettie L. Way, P.G.W.P. Bro Robert L. Henderson and P.G.W.P. Bro Fred Way.  here to add a brief description of one your services or programs.

St. Matthews Family Legacy

 Husband and Wife who served the Grand East together. 

  • PGWP Bro Portfield Harris #8 & PGWM Sis Pattie L. Harris # 8-1973- 1975 
  • PGWP Bro Robert Thomas #8 &PGWM Sis Gloria L. Thomas # 8 - 2017-2019 

Mother and son who served the Grand East together. 

  • PGWM Sis Hazel Fitzgerald #8 & PGWP. Bro James Fitzgerald Jr. # 8 -1995- 1997 F

Father’s and Son’s who served the Grand East. 

  • PGWP. Bro George Pennington Sr. # 2- 1961- 1963 PGWP. Bro George Pennington Jr. #2 – 1987 – 1989 
  • PGWP. Bro James Fitzgerald Sr # 8- 1985- 1987 PGWP. Bro James Fitzgerald Jr. # 8 – 1995- 1997

 Mother and Daughter who served the Grand East.

  •  PGWM. Sis Marie Demby # 1- 1993-1995 PGWM. Sis Shelia F Demby- Marlowe #1-2009- 2011 

Husband’s and Wife’s who served the Grand East. 

  • PGWP. Bro Earl Taylor # 8- 1946- 1951 & PGWM Sis Alverda S. Taylor # 8- 1951-1953
  •  PGWP Bro Joseph Johnson #8 - 1953- 1957 &PGWM Sis Dorothy Johnson#8- 1963- 1965 
  • PGWP Bro George Pennington # 2- 1987- 1989 & PGWM Sis Elizabeth Pennington #2- 1975- 1977 PGWP 
  • Bro Fred Way Sr. # 16 - 1981- 1983 & PGWM Sis Nettie L. Way # 16 1999- 2001
  •  PGWP Bro James Fitzgerald, Sr #8- 1985- 1987 & PGWM Sis Hazel Fitzgerald  # 8 - 1995- 1997 
  • PGWP Bro Leon Battle # 6- 1991- 1993 & PGWM Sis Geraldine Battle # 6- 2001-2003
  •  PGWP Bro Robert Thomas #8- 2017-2019 &PGWM Sis Gloria L. Thomas #8 - 2017-2019